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Before centralised rubbish chutes were built in the 90s for HDB flats, each Condo and HDB unit had their own trash chute. Now only a common sight in Condos and older HDB flats, these individual garbage chutes come with its own setbacks despite their convenience. One of the main issues with having a garbage chute installed in your HDB or Condo is the increased risk of pest problems. If your rubbish chute is not well maintained or sealed, cockroaches, rats, and even unwanted odours may cause a hassle in your home. Therefore, it is important to constantly service and repair your rubbish chute to cockroach proof it and prevent the invasion of pests. The same applies to maintaining the function of your rubbish chute hopper if its quality is compromised, the proper replacement is necessary so that it effectively prevents the entry of fumigation gases and pests such as cockroaches.

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Why Cockroach Proof Your Rubbish Chute?

To ensure that roaches do not invade your homes, the National Environmental Agency (NEA) and the Housing & Development Board (HDB) in Singapore conduct fogging and fumigation works. However, these are rarely conducted and are not effective in maintaining the sanitation of the bins. Therefore, hiring professional rubbish chute contractors to cockroach proof your HDB or Condo garbage chute with a properly sealed bin is important to:

  • Keep your home clean and healthy
  • Reduce the risk of allergens and harmful bacteria being spread in your home
  • Disinfect internal walls so that breeding grounds are completely removed

Types of Garbage Chute Services HandyFix Provides

  • HDB Garbage Chute Repair and Replacement
  • Condominium Garbage Chute Repair and Replacement

1. HDB Garbage Chute Replacement

All HDB rubbish chutes are of standard sizes, and with the right tools in place, they can be easily replaced. At HandyFix, we provide garbage chutes of different materials (e.g., aluminium and stainless steel). Call us today and send over a photo of your existing trash chute. We will be able to quickly advise on the replacement model and provide you with a quotation.

2. Condominium Garbage Chute Replacement

Rubbish chutes in condominiums vary in sizes, therefore the exact dimensions are required before a replacement can be done. We provide rubbish chutes of different sizes and materials (e.g., aluminium and stainless steel). Call us today and send over a photo of your existing rubbish chute with the dimensions. We will be able to quickly advise on the replacement model and provide you with a quotation.

Why Choose HandyFix for Rubbish Chute Repair?

A properly sealed rubbish chute is crucial for keeping the smell and pests out of your apartment. A correctly placed latch and the hinge are often sufficient. If you need a handyman to do the job, you can call us to get your garbage chute replaced the right way. HandyFix provides reliable garbage chute replacement services to all Singapore customers at a transparent and flexible fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Condo and HDB Rubbish Chutes

How to seal rubbish chute or fix it when the door is stuck?

When the trash chute is poorly maintained or not functional due to wear and tear over the years, it is common to have a rubbish chute door that often gets stuck. Rather than forcefully opening and pulling on the door, it is best to replace it. The same applies to the silicon seal of the chutes. With age, a proper seal will not be offered due to all the abrasion. In order to keep the foul smell and cockroaches out, contact a rubbish chute contractor to conduct the proper replacement.

What are the different types of rubbish chute hoppers available?

There are various types of chutes available so that homeowners in Singapore can easily decide on the best fit for their homes. For example, the Riben stainless steel hopper comes with a locking mechanism and is strategically designed to prevent the entry of cockroaches. The Maxden rubbish chute hopper also shuts completely to seal out pests and smells, instantly cockroach proofing the bin. Built with magnetic sealing technology, an airtight seal is offered by this stainless-steel hopper.

Manufactured in a range of sizes to fit HDB and condo estates, you can rest assured that the best-fit door will be installed in your home.

What is the condo or HDB chute replacement price?

For a proper airtight rubbish chute to be installed in your home, accurate measurements and fitting are necessary. As such, depending on the type of instalment, replacement, or repair required, prices may vary. Priding ourselves as your local handyman, you can rest assured that HandyFix makes prices affordable. You may refer to our price list for more information or get in touch with us for the best replacement models based on the dimensions of your chute.

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