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Have you ever looked at your curtain and the thought of having it cleaned is making you shudder? Especially if you have linen, silk, velvet, velour, tapestry, brocade, wool, chenille, or even large and heavy curtains. The time and energy it will take to clean everything perfectly, without any shrinkage or damage. Or even, the thought of being ripped off by an irresponsible cleaning company. We have all been there at least once! You may have been wondering where you can find curtain dry cleaning in Singapore.

Worry not, because HandyFix is here for you! Good news for everyone in Singapore as we have included curtain dry cleaning service in our services provided line up!.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Curtain?

Naturally, you would wonder about how frequently you should clean your curtain. Curtains are one of the essential things someone would have in their house. You might take a look at them, and everything looks clean and perfect. However, curtains are prone to absorbing dust and odour over time especially since they are designed to block dirt and dust coming from the outside. Thus, it is really important to have it cleaned regularly.

As a company that provides curtain dry cleaning in Singapore, HandyFix recommends you to have your curtains cleaned every 3-6 months. You may get away with a longer time interval between washes in some cases.

Why Professional Curtain Cleaning Is Necessary?

Some may wonder, why go to a professional curtain dry cleaning service provider if you can clean it yourself. There are several reasons as to why you should do so;

  • Some curtains fabrics require more care that can only be provided by professionals.
  • Lower the risks of curtains being damaged, especially in the case of curtains with blackout lining, borders, embroidery, pleats, or embellishments.
  • Clean and prevent mould and mildew growth that can be a harm to a lot of people in the sense that they may trigger allergic reactions, and cause respiratory problems.
  • Curtains will come out in pristine condition without having to put on extra effort and time cleaning them.
  • Prolong the life of your curtains.

Why Choose Us As Your Curtain Dry Cleaning Company In Singapore?

Being the top local handyman and cleaning services, HandyFix takes pride in ensuring that all of our services will fulfil the customers' needs without breaking the bank.

As a trusted agent for curtains dry cleaning, we offer curtain dry cleaning service for all different types of curtains, and we are equipped with trained professionals that will take care of all of your curtain cleaning needs.

What else can we do you may ask? We offer 24-hour dry cleaning services, which includes ironing services. Other than that, in the effort to ensure the quality of your curtains, we use high-quality fabric softener on our curtains. Of course, we offer sanitization service for the curtains along with your houses after hanging them back in place.

We understand that removing and reinstalling curtains takes a lot of effort, that's why we also offer free removal and reinstallation of curtains, with door-to-door service. Contact us for any enquiries!

About HandyFix Handyman & Cleaning Services

HandyFix Pte Ltd is a Singapore handyman and cleaning service company with more than ten years of experience.

We have served numerous Singapore customers throughout the years, especially providing all-in-one post-tenancy cleaning services to serviced apartments and rental apartment.

Customers who required a flexible arrangement (and fees) to clean and fix stuffs at home or in offices often find us easy to work with. Bigger companies usually charge based on a fixed price-list but we are flexible with making changes for your unique needs.

Our headquarter is located in Jurong East and we serve customers all over the sunny island at a moment notice. Feel free to contact us by phone, sms, WhatsApp, online chat or email anytime. We will reply as soon as our staff are available.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver reliable services at affordable and transparent fees.

What’s next?

For urgent requests, do call us during office hours, WhatsApp us or leave your number behind for us to call you back.

For non-urgent requests, you can also email us at [email protected].

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